Promises, promises

The Internet is full of promises of learning Java in three weeks, Python in 10 days, and HTML in an afternoon. I think those promises are reasonable, only if you already know a lot about programming. When you already have a solid foundation in place and a few years of experience, adding another programming language on top of that is not terribly hard. The tricky bit is getting to that point.

Programming is a craft, an art, and a set of tools, all at the same time. It requires you to think in ways that you don’t normally do, break down problems into smaller pieces than you’ve ever done before, and think in terms of the very abstract and the very concrete, simultaneously. As with all practical skills, getting to a point where you can actually be constructive takes time, and everyone starts out as a beginner. …


Anders Tornblad

Hi, I’m Anders, a Principal Software Engineer from Sweden with a passion for inclusivity and mentoring. I’m working at Meltwater, but my opinions are my own.