Sleep paralysis 2

This happened from a 10 minute nap. Im forgetting most of it

1:29 — I put my phone done and decide I should take a nap

First, sleep paralysis. Started I heard someone walking around in my room so I got paranoid as fuck, tried to wake myself out of it. I managed to move my leg, which made a sound, and the sound was real in comparison to the person walking, so I found it really funny that the walking sound was FAKE.

Calmed down. Drifting into sleep. I was thinking “wow wouldnt it be funny if I just died?”

Then i started losing sensation in my body. Everything was just black. I had no sense of self.

There was a voice that started singing. Beautiful shit, didn’t really have any lyrics. I tried to test if this was a lucid dream by seeing if I could change the melody by will. It didnt work. As it was singing an eye started to appear, like an ancient looking eye from the millennium puzzle from yugioh. Around the eye, a very faint design started appearing. The eye disappeared, and I was shown a strange object containing more eyes that looked like it was made out of wood.

I began to question if this was just a dream or some other shit, and that questioning made the objects get taken away from me, and they receded far into the distance. What was left was just blackness, which became slightly red, and then like being inside a faint ocean of blood, and then some kind of terrifying thing manifested from the blood. I was about to wake myself up out of fear, but just then it just started zooming me into a forest, through the trees while this tribal music was just playing in my head. At the end of the forest, there was an open field next to a body of water, and there were strange creatures roaming on that field. My sense of self must have returned at this point because I remember trying to attack them for fun KEK and using my arms to fire arrows. At this time the dream just faded out and I checked the time and it was only 1:39 but I felt like I was just gone for hours.


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