Cost of Living in Plymouth

I have been living in Plymouth for the past 3 years and have already got knowledge on the financial figures for living here. However I wanted to look into it in more depth as it may change from being a student to working in Plymouth.

I have done a search on cost of living in Plymouth and came across a website which has sourced the average spend of people in Plymouth. Many of the figures will be irrelevant to me, for example the restaurant figures as this is a luxury instead of a nescarity. The figures are not the minimum amount needed to live in the area.

One website:

  • Cost of living index (excl. rent) = 73.00
  • Rent index = 27.24
  • Groceries = 59.38
  • restaurants = 82.57
  • Cost of living plus rent index = 51.31
  • Local purchase power = 127.68

(These figures are percentages ranked at how much living cost in NYC)

Cost of living in Plymouth = 21.48% less than London

Average single person monthly expenses £570.37.

This figure includes expenses which would be irrelevant to me but give a bench mark of the cost of living.

Another website:

Gives you average prices for food, housing, clothes, transportation, personal care and entertainment. This gives you an overall idea of the price of things in Plymouth so you can roughly add up how much it is to live in the area with certain lifestyles. This is an effective method of adding up expenses for different cities to live.

However I do not want to change where I currently live, or my lifestyle. Therefore I already have these figures and would need to find a way in which to fund this.

My current expenses:

  • Rent: £83
  • Food: £40
  • Restaurants/lifestyle: £30
  • Transport: £10

Depending on on which profession I decide to go into there would be business expenses I would need to think about.

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