How to present yourself on the Internet

Professional practice lecture with Oli.

General notes from the lecture:

  1. Instagram — Sort it out! Start hastening, consitancy in images, link a website.
  2. create a strong online persona
  3. Facebook — used less by clients
  4. Website — clean and clear, easy to use
  5. Linkedin
  6. must have a way to get in touch with you, and an about section and contact details

Reseach into website makers!

Tear sheets — where is your work exsisting in the real world? With these you can show clients how you can meet deadlines, your work is to a high standard, and that you have experience in the industry.

Who are you represented by??? Have their contact details on your online persona. When researching look at photographers and find details and research further into the agencies/agents.

Teaching side to things:
Dormer Durling (research — found by emilie)

You can find specific photographers, good for clients.

Links to your website.

How to do it?
Square Space

Wix — free!!


Indexhibit — free!!

Stacey — free!!

Cargo collective — free! Would recomment for students. Have to apply.

Folio drop





(dont use flash! Doesn’t work on apple)

How to use these platforms?

How do other photographers represents themselves.

Business cards

Visco print

Logo? Simple. Name?

Simpler is better

Name and website

Picture — can have more than one for the areas your interested in.