Build a Retaining Wall in One Day

Transforming dressed treated pine sleepers into durable retaining walls can be a quick and easy job, given the right materials and instructions. Fortunately, there are many great stores that stock treated pine sleepers in Melbourne. Add some posts, and you have the foundation for a successful retaining wall. Readily available from many hardware and timber stores, something like the Retain-iT post system is an attractive and simple way to fill this requirement. If you want to make your yard look more finished, you can grab some pine capping to complement the entire system.

Once you have your materials, begin by drawing the outline of the wall, and excavating 200mm behind it. Then use a laser level or dumpy to set the height of the wall at completion, laying out stringline as a guide. Before beginning, it is a wise to install drainage behind the wall. This can be done using gravel, agflo pipe, and filter cloth.

Next, calculate the quantity of materials you will need. This will dependent on what size of dressed treated pine sleepers you select. You will separate the posts accordingly.

Once prepared, let’s begin installing the wall.

Step 1: Install End Posts

Begin by excavating two 550mm deep holes. Place the end posts from the post system in, and pour concrete 600mm from the top, using a spirit level to ensure posts are of equal height.

Step 2: Install Joiner Posts

Using the stringline as a guide, place a base sleeper in the cemented end posts. Put the joiner posts in position and then dig 550mm deep holes to concrete them into. Ensure you use a spirit level and align with the stringline, allowing them to dry.

Step 3: Construct the Corners

As with the end and joiner posts, position and concrete the corner posts. A builder’s square is a handy way to ensure the sleepers are at 90 degrees to the wall.

Step 4: Slot in the Dressed Treated Pine Sleepers

Position the base sleeper, making sure that it is packed to allow precisely 400mm of post above. Following this, install the middle and top rows.

If you opted for the capping to complement your dressed pine sleepers, you can square cut and mitre it. Apply construction adhesive to the ends and install on the sleepers with bugle screws. The wall can then be treated accordingly using decking stain.

If you’re trying to find treated pine sleepers in Melbourne, along with a retaining wall system, capping, bugle screws, and decking stain–look no further than Australian Treated Pine. They are a friendly and helpful team of experts who have been helping move the trade industry for over 30 years. 
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