This is our first talk after not talking to each other for a while. Even though we separated from each other, I still noticed myself falling for the same person. You knew that I have admitted that I was trying not to stalk you or anything that has correlation with you, but who am I to fight my own feeling?


They say she is the funniest

They say she is the prettiest

I said she is more than those two

And just like another people, I like her too

I tripped at the first glance

I never expected someone with much elegance

So I choose to dance

Through the pain,

Through the uncertain


A child came to me yesterday afternoon and asked me, “Why is the sky blue?”. Today, it seems like it is going to rain. He asks me again, “Why is the sky grey? What makes it sad?”. I do not answer his question, I just ruffle his hair and shape a smile. He then tells me that he likes seeing the sky because its blue reminds him of his mother’s eyes. He finds joy seeing the sky even though his mom is at somewhere else.

A psychologist said that blue brings peace, it makes you comfortable.

The child said he likes blue because it reminds him of his mom.

Some people said it is because the calming ocean.

Someone said it means serenity.

And for me,

Blue is you.


Have you ever took a look at the sky at night?

Noticing how the stars shine brightly,

Looking mesmerizing from any angle

But humans can choose their favorite

Have you drown in colors’ beauty?

Noticing there are many of them,

From many different shades,

But again, humans can choose their favorite

How many kind of coffee have you tasted?

Among all,

I am sure you have you favorite

My dear,

The world is full of varieties

But somehow,

Humans can choose their favorite

And among many existing varieties in this world

I choose you as my favorite

For walking together for 12 months

Falling for the same person for 13 months

It has always been you

And never anyone else

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