Our Service in the Vineyard of the Lord

The goal of any field of study should be the ushering in of the Millennial reign of Christ

We are living in the biblical period of human history known as the Restoration. What is being restored? The fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In past dispensations of time, various societies and cultures had different amounts of His gospel among them. Different people were prepared through righteousness for more than others.

As there was no form of global communication, the disparity of what different cultures had wasn’t an issue. As evidenced by the prophet Enoch’s city of Zion, some cultures had much — even to them being translated up to heaven. Other areas of the earth were desolate “as to the things pertaining to righteousness”.

What comes next?

These are the last days. We’re living in the final chapter in the history of the earth. What comes next? The physical return, rule, and global reign of the Son of God. As we inch closer to his triumphant return, the Gospel needs to be restored fully and everywhere.

As workers in the vineyard of the Lord, we do not work alone. Though not physically present at this time, His hand, His guidance, and His love are felt during any undertaking to lift, love, and lead His children. Joy is a pleasure felt not at the expense of others, but in the service of them. There is pure joy in this work.

What is our service?

Certainly service in the vineyard is direct communication about the principles of the Gospel and invitations to receive it through faith in Jesus Christ. But its also the progress in every field of study that makes that communication and those invitations reach everyone everywhere more efficiently and effectively.

Our service in the vineyard are also the advancements and inventions that we make or use which help to free up and extend people’s lives. Its the answers to questions that researchers seek in every field of study. Ultimately, the goal of any field of study or line of work should be the ushering in of the Millennial reign of Christ.

When will He come?

When our hearts are prepared to receive the undiluted, concentrated, purified, and FULL Gospel of Jesus Christ, He will come. We don’t have it all yet and many of us would fall if we were to receive it. Through service in His vineyard, our hearts are sanctified — made pure through the Atonement of Christ — and thus made ready to have eyes to see and ears to hear. And by our service, those we serve get on this path, too.

Therefore, time is of the essence. If we, as ushers to His millennial reign, can allow our hearts to be sanctified and help others get there as well, fewer of our children — God’s children — will have to be born into a wicked world. They will have the privilege of receiving a body and experiencing mortal life in a just and free world. Able to pursue their mortal missions and make preparations for the earth’s final phase — the presence of the Father in celestial glory.