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We’ve all had the times where we are stuck in confusion, completely clueless of our thoughts, wants and needs, indecisive, vague and stupid. This Photograph or rather Photographs show the feeling of confusion within oneself. The random movement of hands, a posture that is awkward, a sense of dejection and sorrow on the person’s face, all reflect a confusion. A fight. A fight that is being fought within your own mind.

Am I good enough? Am I worthy of it? Am I capable of this? Is this really what I think? Should I pick this, or this? Would she like it or not? Is my future safe?

Questions like this, Situations like this, Ambiguity like this is made to remember by this Image.

This Photo at the same time was taken at a point when the person — who is the lead in the Play - Barrister Parvateesham — is talking about the Freedom struggle of India in which he was a part of. And so, that information helps in putting context to the person’s sorrow and sadness as well as the posture. Firm on the ground yet a little slack towards the top. Giving a sense of firm belief but unseen/unpredictable future, causing the confusion. Again this was a Fight Inside the person. To move forward in the direction he seems fit or stay back and be a complacent about it.

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