Digital Asset Exchange integrated with Gaming Technology

Companies are adopting blockchain technology to fall into the category of advanced sectors. Not even the financial sectors, companies related to manufacturing, logistics, shipping and legal are also indulging into the blockchain technology so that they become capable of producing innovative solutions to face the problems.

Apparently, many companies have emerged as a strong competitor of the blockchain adapter and are continuously embracing the technology. As technology can be the medium to bring the communities online and to sell the content and products at a genuine and faster pace. The most recent and the fast-growing company Atriark has launched its platform equipped with Gaming technology to bring their tokenised services.

There are multiple numbers of benefits, some of them are as followed:

Potential Growth:

Gaming has become popular over the world and has grown across the board. The world-wide acceptance of gaming proves the availability on both the types either it is mobile phones or through an online platform. Gaming companies are exploring and innovating many new things that are improving the content and products.

The distributed ledger, cryptocurrencies and tokenisation are soon going to provide a new online stadium as gaming is trendy in between the adolescents and grown-ups. Hence, it will be fun to see the new invention in the gaming integrated distributed technology. The industries have established the new venture by adding the Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality and the recent invention blockchain.

Value Add:

There are many technologies which are impacting the gaming platform and its experience. The creators and the players both are encountering the influential blockchain that enables the exchange of in-game and in-app assets for the money and the digital assets. Apart from this, it provides an incentive to gamers by a certain number of tokens. The number of tokens are based on the time the player has spent while playing the game, in this way player remains occupied.

The allocated token can be used for the further exchange besides that, the blockchain technology also improves transparency by reducing the upgrade time and system problems. The blockchain allows the creator to develop decentralised games. Making them manage the digital asset directly.

Moreover, the developer can add more features and assets for the comfort of the players and remove the extra middlemen eg. banks, distributors and third party agents. The main motive of doing this is it will increase the profit percentage of the developers and the incentives as well. In this way, the gaming platform is secured and defined that makes fewer probabilities of system failure and losses.

Blockchain technology is likely to provide fraud-proof transactions and helps the industry in contributing to the growth whether it is through digital currency trade or secure payments or by innovating the modern applications and games. Hence, it is said amalgamation of the blockchain technology with other technology will lead to something which is cost-effective, user-friendly. It creates a platform which is sustainable as well as lucrative for the user and stakeholders.

This new technology is attracting many such companies and the important thing is how much you believe and how faster you take the actions towards this beneficial integration. Certainly, it will stimulate the mindset of gamers and developers.