Acting School in Kolkata, India

We have always believed that a film school should take a holistic and realistic approach in its teaching. By holistic we mean that film school training should not be limited to only classrooms and lectures on theories and techniques. Therefore, at Atrix Educare we have adopted a comprehensive training method with equal importance on the practical training of film making and acting.

Believing that training and skill building are quite essential in the field of visual media, Atrix Educare, has been imparting education and training in the art & craft of film making in television presentation since 2007.

The institute was planned as an alternative to formal film schools and has since come a long way making a unique place for itself amongst the best global centers of education of its kind.

Education and training for various courses are provided by expert media practitioners supplemented by visiting guest lecturers who are leading exponents of their specialised skills in the practical craft of film & television production.

The institute is a pioneer in providing world class study material and video recordings on various techniques of films & television productions for its students and practicing film & television professionals. The Documentation Centre of the academy has produced a number of books on the art & screen presentation.