At Telestax we believe that Continuous Integration & Deployment is an integral part of all software we produce. As our mobile Open Source WebRTC SDKs get more mature we came to realize that more and more time was spent on manual steps for testing and deployment instead of actual development and that it was about time we bit the bullet and introduced CI/CD facilities. In this installment we ‘ll cover using Travis CI to tackle Continuous Deployment of the Restcomm Olympus Application that is part of our Open Source WebRTC Restcomm iOS SDK hosted at GitHub. More specifically, we will:

At Telestax we strive to minimize the effort spent by App & Web developers to integrate with the Open Source Restcomm Platform when developing WebRTC applications, by providing high level Open Source WebRTC SDKs for iOS, Web and Android. One of the biggest challenges is properly bundling WebRTC for mobile devices and especially iOS, which tends to be more restrictive than Android. Thankfully, that has improved dramatically over the last few years. In this post we’ll go over some best practices for building a WebRTC Framework for iOS.

Building a universal (i.e. Fat) framework for deployment on iOS Devices &…

Antonis Tsakiridis

Developer at Telestax, Mobile & Web SDKs

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