Marketing Strategy, Tech, and Experts that set companies apart

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Marketing has shifted over the years with companies allocating more and more dollars to the CMO budget. CMOs responsibilities have expanded to handling company's digital presence, customer happiness, client interaction, growth, and many other things.

Research has shown that companies with excellent marketing capabilities outperform the market with 2–3X greater revenue growth. Recently, we have also seen companies such as Dollar Shave Club, with great marketing spend set themselves apart and managed to get acquired for a huge sum.

Marketers have a tough job of extracting the most of every penny in their budget, designing a right strategy for a multichannel world, working with the company internally, shaping company’s public profile, and the list goes on.

In recent years, marketing tech has become a huge category with many startups recognizing the needs of the modern marketer and providing tools, data, and strategy in an effort to make their jobs easier.

At Array Ventures, we have invested in companies, Openprise and Wootric, that sell directly to the CMO and their teams by providing some of these tools. Next week we are putting together a private event with some of the top CMOs in Silicon Valley.

If you can ask questions to these marketing ninjas, what would you want to know? We will post the outcome of some of the major discussion points next week so stay tuned!

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