The Benefits of Cloud Software as a Service

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a cost-effective way for businesses to operate efficiently. Owners do not have to have a dedicated server, updates are done automatically, there are no licensing fees, and the subscription is usually billed on a monthly basis. When SaaS is cloud-based the added benefit of no extra infrastructure saves businesses even more time and money.

All Sizes

These benefits are especially important to small business owners who may not have the capital or budget to have a server, or extended infrastructure. The software is offered in a few versions to accommodate all sizes of businesses within an industry. Upgrading the plan is an option so the technology grows as the business does.

Another benefit is training and ongoing technical support. Experienced SaaS providers, such as Mingus Software, want clients to get maximum use from the product. Sometimes training is on the business site. It may be conducted at training centers, or available online. This component is an advantage over mass-produced, off the shelf software.

A Comprehensive System

Software that is industry specific is typically much more useful than general business software because it addresses many operational functions. A property management system, or PMS system, will simplify many aspects of hotel management. The details included in this hotel management software make the front desk, operations, daily management, marketing, and accounting functions easy and integrated for a business that responds to customer needs in real-time.

This product, Hotello, is currently used in over twelve-thousand hotels in North America. There are three available versions to accommodate unique needs. The standard version is ideal for small hotels. The premium option is designed for large hotels, or multiple branches of small hotels. A custom version is available for hotel chains, inclusive resorts, and themed hotels.

Other SaaS Products Offered

There is a booking engine, Reservit, available in six versions to accommodate very small hotels (1–5 rooms) to double extra-large hotels (100 + rooms). This product integrates bookings from multiple sources and mobile devices so it is all managed on one channel. Room availability, rates, and corporate rates are verified automatically in real-time for quick and accurate customer service. Promotions and packages can be created, and automated invoices and thank you emails can be programmed into the system.

Email marketing, phone system integration, quality assurance, and maintenance management software products are offered as well. Hotel management is hectic and can be overwhelming. Tested software products that can simplify processes, increase customer services, attract new customers, and improve efficiency is well worth the subscription costs.