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Earlier this month, we introduced Attention Capital, and over the last few weeks we’ve been meeting with some incredible people who see the unique potential there is in this moment to create the next generation of media and technology companies.

Today we have the great pleasure of welcoming two new members to our growing team at Attention Capital. Matt Resnick joins us from Barstool Sports as VP of Finance and Business Strategy, and Savannah Greene joins us as an Associate from Harvard Business School. They both join founding Associate Elissa Levine who was previously at FOX. I’m including their bios below. Interested in talking with us? …

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Image courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s hard to say what gets the team at Attention Capital most excited about Tribeca. A brand that was born after 9/11 to bring people back to lower Manhattan. A brand that strives to represent the best of New York City, not just as a city of the United States, but as a global city. One that is as iconic as it is diverse. A city full of stories, of struggles overcome, and of boundless opportunity when people come together. …

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Attention Capital is a company that buys, builds and scales media brands and the technologies that power them. It’s built and operated on the core thesis that:

The industry of attention is the largest and fastest-growing segment of the global economy. There are massive inefficiencies in how people’s attention is being extracted and traded in today’s market (ad fraud, fracking for attention and fake accounts). Properly valuing people’s attention represents the largest investment opportunity in the next decade.

The opportunity lies in two main categories of businesses that will help create better curation layers for people:

Media Brands: Brands that have permission to curate or foster community. These brands build trust with people. (Think Tribeca. Read more about that here.) In a world where more “content” is created every minute than can be consumed in a lifetime, curation is king. …


Attention Capital

Attention Capital buys, builds, and scales brands and technology that are shaping the attention economy.

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