Tribeca’s Limitless Potential and Why The World Needs More of It

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Aug 5 · 3 min read
Image courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s hard to say what gets the team at Attention Capital most excited about Tribeca. A brand that was born after 9/11 to bring people back to lower Manhattan. A brand that strives to represent the best of New York City, not just as a city of the United States, but as a global city. One that is as iconic as it is diverse. A city full of stories, of struggles overcome, and of boundless opportunity when people come together. Who wouldn’t want to work on a brand with a mission to bring more of that type of spirit to the world?

Like any business, it starts with the people. And an easy place to find excitement is with Tribeca’s truly one of a kind co-founder, CEO and my friend, Jane Rosenthal. Jane is the type of great human I’ve considered myself lucky to have known at all, nevertheless to have become friends with, and now get to work with! And alongside Jane, Tribeca’s co-founder, Robert De Niro, is nothing short of an icon and true gift to the art of storytelling. It would be hard to count the number of lives these two amazing founders have impacted. We could not be more honored to support the next chapter in their vision for Tribeca.

Then, of course, in any business, there are your partners. Having had the amazing fortune of working for James Murdoch before, I would have jumped to work with him on any media brand. Who wouldn’t? And for it to be a brand as powerful as Tribeca? Sign us up.

With the vision, people, and partners in place, the next most exciting part about the Tribeca brand is its incredible potential. In a world where amazing stories are getting lost in a sea of “content” and filters are determined by AI, there is a massive market opportunity for curators. And Tribeca is one of the world’s greatest curators. With the right mix of technology, partnerships, and talent, Tribeca will be the leading platform for stories and storytellers that are defining culture. Taking the energy and spirit of the festival, and delivering it to people year-round, continuing Tribeca’s leadership in storytelling innovation such as AR, VR, interactive, and gaming. And most of all, bringing the experience of Tribeca to new markets through new mediums and in new spaces. The opportunity is massive.

Finally, we’re excited about the impact. New York might be far from perfect, but the best of New York is seen in the cultural melting pot of diverse stories being told in countless ways. Stories that bring us closer together. Stories that give us an opportunity to know each other better — not as ‘other’ but as neighbors and fellow humans. The post-9/11, post-Sandy, post-throw-anything-you-got-at-us NYC that was built on the dreams of immigrants symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. That’s a spirit that is as at home in Detroit as it is in Dallas, or Delhi for that matter.

Yeah, Nick, Ashlyn are I humbled that Attention Capital gets to play a role in delivering Tribeca’s unique spirit as a media brand to touch more people in their everyday lives and all over the world.

Stay tuned. Much more to come.

Joe Marchese — CEO, Attention Capital

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