How to Apply for Bahrain Embassy Attestation in New Delhi

Bahrain is a small country in the Middle East, 23 km to the east of Saudi Arabia and connected by King Fahd cross way. It is a widely diversified economy consisting of petroleum industries and finance respectively. Bahrain also known as the Kingdom of Bahrain has been an attractive destination for employment opportunities for Indians since a long time. The main attractions are tax free salaries and relatively affordable cost of living. In order to fulfil the candidate’s requirements, the Embassy of Kingdom of Bahrain has laid down a well-defined Bahrain attestation process.

Bahrain attestation is carried out for documents originating from India. The main requirements for Bahrain document attestation process are described as follows.

• To secure employment.

• To apply for residence.

• To apply for family residence.

• To obtain higher education.

• To apply for admission in school.

Bahrain certificate attestation is undertaken for the following various types of documents educational, non-educational and commercial. For educational certificate attestation, first the certificates are authenticated by the HRD of Delhi. After that, there is MEA attestation. Next, Bahrain embassy attestation is carried out on the original and translated documents, in New Delhi respectively. This process is also applicable for degree attestation for Bahrain.

Regarding non-educational certificate attestation, first the certificates are attested by the Home Department in New Delhi. Next, MEA attestation occurs, followed by Bahrain embassy attestation on both the original and translated documents. Lastly, concerning commercial certificates, the certificates are attested by the Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi. Next, there is MEA attestation and lastly, Bahrain embassy attestation is undertaken on both the original and translated documents.

For a speedy and convenient Bahrain document attestation process, it is recommended that one should take the services of an authorised agency for assistance. SEPL is number one in providing attestation services for Bahrain in the lowest cost and minimum time, based in New Delhi. They undertake the entire Bahrain certificate attestation from their end and save the candidate’s time and money.