Is An All Women’s Gym A Good Idea?

Women are more likely to miss working out in a gym than their male counterparts. Women are also more likely to train harder and better with woman trainers instead of male trainers. Just like these two, there are so many stereotypes about women who are gym rats that it makes one question whether we are living in the 21st or the 19th century.

One more of those stereotypes is that an all women’s gym will make women more regular in their workouts. It is really a myth because women are comfortable working out with men around. It wasn’t always the case but thanks to a progressive mindset and open culture that most of us were part of growing up, lead to a sea-change in the thinking of people in general and women themselves, in particular.

However, this wasn’t the case always. Women who were mostly relegated to their homes and jobs often didn’t find the right space or the right atmosphere where they could conveniently and comfortably work out without any hesitations and compunctions about dressing minimally and doing exercise movements or routines. Culturally, the idea of a woman displaying her body and bodily movements in public where men are around was not very acceptable and even in ancient times sports-oriented women had a completely separate area allotted to them. How did this come about, you wonder? The word Gym is derived from the Greek word, gymnasium which means “school for naked exercise”. Thus, traditionally, all athletes practicing in the gym were naked and hence it was important to have a completely separate gym for men and women. But, today the etymological meaning of the word ‘gym’ has been greatly modified and we don’t have to worry about bumping into naked people when we go out for our workouts. So why keep the men and women apart? Because gyms involve one to display their bodies when they are at their most vulnerable, many people feel less confident about showing it to the opposite sex.

The idea that women should be able to work out wherever they feel comfortable and convenient is more important than arguing about the merits and demerits of an all women’s gym. The provision of an all women’s gym must be there if women feel more at home with same-gender around instead of promoting it as some political favor to the women. Experientially speaking, men and women must work out together so that they can learn how their bodies respond to different workouts and how they can increase their own strength and endurance by observing each others’ movements and postures. Men are better at some exercises than women and vice versa. So instead of compartmentalizing workout stations, one must be exposed to each gender’s biological advantages and disadvantages so as to be able to incorporate them and overcome them respectively.

But if you feel your audience which is a women’s group will be more at ease if there are no men around then, perhaps you can have an all women’s gym section at your premises and offer them exclusive training and personality grooming sessions so that they can finally step out of their comfort zones and into places where gender is not a problem! Source link