I’m Anxious, dyslexic & full of self-doubt: Here’s how I’ve learned to be brave

🙏First of all thanks to all of you who’ve followed me or made lovely comments on my first blog post; it’s really touching & has made me feel extremely positive 🙏

I’ve never felt so exposed and almost felt naked. I had reveal thoughts that I don’t ever expose to people. But at the same time it is quite a relief to be open and honest.

It was so nerve racking sharing my writing for two reasons:

📝 I’m dyslexic so my spelling & grammar is so weak and I’m renowned for typing the wrong words!
📚 Who really wants to hear my story?

But I thought balls to it!

What have I got to lose?

If someone enjoys it, inspires someone to take a risk or do something they enjoy then why not go for it?

Leaving teaching was the hardest decision but the right decision. Some people have said I’m brave but I feel scared some days, and relieved others.

But again I suppose that goes hand in hand with anxiety.

Anxiety is suffered by so many. It riddles you with self doubt and can make you do and believe the craziest things. On the outside I appear strong, confident and a little scatty 😜On the inside I’m plagued by the my own self doubt. But I’ve learned to laugh at myself and that laughter, challenging myself and doing something I enjoy (drawing) gives me positive energy and the drive to seek self help.

So although, I can mask most of this and keep it buried I’ve started to see what emotions and behaviours I should be developing and encouraging.

But It’s not all down to me. I have surrounded my self with family and friends that are supportive, allow me to laugh at my self and laugh with me, who don’t pander to me! They are honest and some time straight to the bone but it make me question and move on.

They allowed me to be brave.

They allow me to have a sounding board and aloud me to not be scared of being me!!

Without the right people around me I wouldn’t be the person that I am now.

SO THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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