React Native, React Js experience in multiplatform development.

Relating to my previous article, several people informed me that they would be curious about some details concerning development. I was planning to write a detailed article anyway, but this made me even more motivated.

Multido was an attempt to develop applications for main platforms with the same codebase via React Native, React Js and Electron frameworks.
You can read more about the idea here


As I said before, the most convenient solution was to build the application around the React Native architecture.

When I had to make differences within a component, I often used forks to Platform.OS. There are…

Multido is a multiplatform app with the same codebase to Mobile, Desktop and Web.

Why did I build yet another to-do software? What were my aims and how did I create an approach to a multiplatform product via React Native, React Js and Electron frameworks?


My main goal was to make an attempt to create a real application that can be used daily without having to write separate code to every platform. I have been experimenting with React Native for quite a while now and I decided to try to achieve this goal this way.

I have been dealing with javascript for a long time, besides that I’m familiar with other programming languages (e.g…

Attila Berki

Development, Design, UI, UX, Javascript, React Native

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