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[UPDATE: Candy transformed into lumio on 8 March 2017.
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In the coming weeks, we’re to visit Switzerland. The mountains, of course. We’ll have only five days there, we want to see a lot, so we had to make a tight schedule. We started with guidebooks, but we ended up collecting almost all info from the web or at least double-checking all info on the web.

The last time we assembled a plan online, we bookmarked everything that seemed interesting: accommodations, restaurants, timetables, hiking trail descriptions, etc.

With the Candy app, we did just the same, but with Swiss precision. On websites of planned accommodations we highlighted what was important to us and added notes to ourselves. The information we needed from train timetables was also ‘Candied’, we did not have to take notes or do the search again later. In descriptions of destinations we highlighted and saved the exciting bits, just the way we did with sticky notes in guidebooks earlier. Well, almost…, because now we took a step ahead. We read all visitor reviews and saved the useful stuff from those, too.

We worked together, we set up a common Candy user, and whatever we found and saved the other could also see immediately.

Candy Storyline

We gathered so much info we could spend a month there… So this is what we did in the end: we rearranged and re-prioritized plans — by reordering the cards in a Candy Storyline — until we had something that seemed doable.

About Candy

The Candy app allows you to save quotes from web pages and organize them as cards, called Candys, that carry all the original source information with them.

The app allows you to arrange Candys in customized Storylines to see selected information in your desired order and context. All stored information is searchable, even when you’re offline. The app helps you turn noisy data into an easily accessible, well ordered personal knowledge base.

You can send, share or embed Candys and Storylines to demonstrate your expertise to clients or to share your findings with colleagues (now also in Slack and Trello) or via social media.

Install the Chrome extension now, and give Candy a try.

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