Press kit: Break up with bookmarks! Meet lumio.

lumio is a tool for professionals who regularly research and create content from many sources.

[UPDATE: Candy transformed into lumio, 8 March 2017]

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lumio in a nutshell

lumio allows you to save snippets from web pages and organize them as cards that carry all source information with them. The app allows you to arrange the snippets in customized collections to see selected information in the context and order you want. You can organize your collections both in a handy sidebar and in a web app (and also access them via our mobile apps).
You can use and share your collections in a variety of ways: to demonstrate your professional expertise or to distribute your work to clients, colleagues or social media followers.

The challenge

For those who do a lot of research it’s often hard to keep track of all the saved links, collected data, annotated web pages, and online and offline notes and documents. Copying links instead of working with the selected content itself, and storing data without source and original context makes information processing, analysis, and presentation unnecessarily laborious.

A versatile solution: lumio

With lumio, you’ll manage this faster and more accurately. Whatever you highlight on the web, lumio saves it as cards that you can easily play around with. The cards not only carry your selections, but have all the relevant source information as well. All stored information becomes searchable, even when you’re offline. lumio turns a collection of disparate information into an easily accessible tome of knowledge. What’s more, everything you save with lumio can be seamlessly channeled through to other apps (like Slack, Trello or Microsoft Teams) or documents. Your team or followers will stay up-to-date on all topics you’re researching.

Attila Gajdics, co-founder says

“lumio simplifies your life by showing only the information that is relevant to you. Doing your research will be easier, quicker and more fun.”

Just one step to get started

Add lumio to your Chrome and you can immediately start building your collections.

Users said

“This is what bookmarks should’ve been!”
“It just keeps on getting better. My number one keep-a-note on the fly.”
“I’m sort of obsessed with bookmarking apps, and have yet to decide on one exclusively. This is a unique one and I’m enjoying using it.”
“I’m currently writing a series of books and have found lumio quite useful in storing and organizing notes related to my work. The web page highlighting is absolutely brilliant and has already replaced Evernote as my preferred way to store snippets of information. Depending on how lumio is developed from here, I can see it replacing Evernote entirely 
in my arsenal of note taking tools.”

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Your turn now, give it a try

If you want to be a master of your interests, start using lumio now.
Install the Chrome extension. Download the iOS app.