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[UPDATE: Candy transformed into lumio on 8 March 2017.
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From a friend of ours.

“We’re a team building a car sharing business. My task is to prepare reports on the industry, market players and business models for our discussions on strategy and plans as well as for our meetings with investors.

My normal workflow is that I review a pool of websites and databases regularly, read dozens of articles, and try to collect all relevant data from them. Earlier, I was copying all useful information in Word documents, or I was just taking notes in one of my note apps or sometimes just in draft emails. Never with source, because it would have been way too laborious. In most cases, my reports and presentations were prepared or updated based on these documents and notes.

Our investors, however, always asked for the sources behind our data, and I had to re-start the quest for the exact sources every time again and again. Which was really annoying, because most of the source articles contained more or less the same set of information, and it was super tough to identify where the really useful bits came from.

Now I’m saving all information that I think I may need later with the Candy app. I save the task of copying, all source information is stored automatically, and I’m certain that the articles are archived properly.

If I want to have data with sources in my reports, I use the Candy app’s ‘copy to clipboard’ function that copies my highlights with source links.

But most of the time I use the app just as a really quick and handy background resource.”

About Candy

The Candy app allows you to save quotes from web pages and organize them as cards, called Candys, that carry all the original source information with them.

The app allows you to arrange Candys in customized Storylines to see selected information in your desired order and context. All stored information is searchable, even when you’re offline. The app helps you turn noisy data into an easily accessible, well ordered personal knowledge base.

You can send, share or embed Candys and Storylines to demonstrate your expertise to clients or to share your findings with colleagues or via social media.

Install the Chrome extension now, and give Candy a try.

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