Meet the Perennials
Gina Pell

We also need a word for people who are kinda burned out of Millenials and their endless soul-searching/not-what-you-own-but-what-you-experience/I-need-to-fill-in-the-void-with-something-but-have-no-discipline-or-inner-drive-therefore-I-pick-something-easy ways. And I AM a Millenial as well but can’t really relate to most of them in that sense. Why is that Millenials don’t have goals and dreams anymore? When old people say “these kids cant work hard”, well now I kind of agree because looking at myself that’s how I used to be. Millenials always seem to pick the easiest way to do things with the least amount effort. That’s why our music and generally art suck (well most of it) because we just do the least amount of work possible. Don’t wanna be good at something? Just do it “ironically”! And all we talk about is the next pop culture product and/or what kind of experience we will have next. It’s like being 17 forever, and it’s kind of annoying from 20 something people who still live like they are teenagers (and many still live with their parents as well). Don’t want to sound old or angry here, just some observations.

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