I understand you are channeling your teenage self here, but this is inappropriate and has nothing…
Colin Honigman

Colin Honigman, with that aggressive attitude, I am not sure who women fear more, you or me, or all them “misogynists” you keep mentioning. You need to put things into context, and just because America is on 40-some place in terms of women’s rights (yeah, I am up to date…), that does not mean Europe, where this article has been written, things are anything like that. Here we scream less about the gender-gap and we just hire the ladies. :) In 1980’s Communist Eastern Europe we already had plenty female engineers, and I work on a daily basis with female engineers.

I wish you were just as vocal when 3 years ago I was promoting filling the gender gap through another post on LinkedIn. I wish you were there helping me out when I was spending late nights mentoring and helping young female coders or when I was raising money for “Code — Debugging the Gender Gap”. But, instead, you’re here today, screaming at me, because in your eyes I fail to be politically correct from an American standpoint, and have decided that I am just another “misogynistic pig” without ever having met me (btw, you’re welcome to a 1:1 in Dublin anytime, first round of Guinness on me).

P.S. I don’t think women fear anyone in the tech industry. In saying that they do, I could argue that you’re calling them weak. Which they’re not. History is a proof of that.

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