FLIXXO : A decentralized video sharing platform.

What is Video distribution ? and the issues with the traditional video distributions methods ?

Video distribution is the delivery of media content such as videos. The term is generally used to describe distribution over an online delivery medium, such as the internet, thus bypassing physical distribution methods. Now a days as the rise of internet streaming services have dramatically changed the ways videos are produced and distributed and it has disconnected people from traditional TV’s and now TV shows, live events are watched on latest gadgets like cellphones, tablets etc which has significantly transformed the whole industry. With the advancement in technology, Production companies tends not to find a compelling revenue model for their work and consumers are feeling dissatisfied for their demand of audiovisual content provided by VOD (video on demand) services so they go after illegal or unlicensed networks. The huge costs require for the infrastructure necessary to store and distribute content and in addition the countless intermediaries, resulting in unreasonable final price for consumers and inappropriate revenue model for production companies.

What are decentralized payments, blockchain and Bittorrent protocol ? A brief overview.

When a someone sends information to someone through internet like a word document or an email, that information is a copy of the original information. Similarly when a person sends some amount of money to another person online it is important the sender must have not that amount of money anymore or even the copy of it. The purpose of this explanation is to clear the mechanism of information centric medium of the web that they are not design to handle the exchange of actual value, for example: if anyone sending money to someone online is actually not sending the money directly to that person, infact he/she is sending the information to the financial intermediary ( bank or a credit card company) to pass on the value to that person and that intermediary role generally has a cost. Blockchain is a global network of computers jointly managed by the database that records cryptocurrency transactions on peer-to-peer basis. The underlying technology is open source, leaving peers free to innovate and it maintains security through the use of heavy-duty encryption.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing communications protocol which is used to distribute data over the Internet. BitTorrent is one of the most common platform for transferring large and heavy files, such as digital video files containing TV shows or video clips etc. BitTorrent is used to reduce the server and network impact of distributing large files rather than downloading a file from a single source server, the BitTorrent protocol allows users to upload and download content from each other simultaneously by joining the group of hosts. The protocol is an alternative to the older single source, multiple sources technique for distributing data, and can work effectively over networks with lower bandwidth and 45M users look for content on BitTorrent networks daily.

What is FLIXXO ? The idea behind FLIXXO ?

Flixxo is video sharing platform where you can earn money by becoming the distributor of the content along with uploading your content. Flixxo has developed decentralized ways of settling value on a blockchain. Flixxo has set out rules on that value by implementing smart contracts and Flixxo have tools to connect peer-to-peer payments to peer-to-peer content distribution. We can merge both technologies to make a social experience out of it. This is the main idea behind Flixxo.

Flixxo goal is to create a token with a value using for distributing content and token is named “Flixx”. Through this token, users can earn incentives for seeding legal content and get a channel for connecting directly with media producers. It is a two-way system in which producers pay users for improving the network, and users can give authors a recognition for their work.

Flixxo token also prevents piracy and spam content, as authors have to time-block tokens in a smart contract (set as a warranty) in order to upload content. This contract will also handle and block their earnings for a certain period of time, so that in the case of a dispute the unfair-uploader may lose those tokens. Flixxo is providing solution by combining BitTorrents and smart contracts to create the first legal, decentralized content distribution network.
Flixxo creates a Peer to Peer network where authors can distribute and monetize their own content. In short, Flixxo platform is also advert free and user can watch video from anywhere in the world. Flixxo is the solution of All the problems related to the video content and there will be no chance that someone else is using your content and making the money from it.

How to get FLIXX TOKEN ?

The users of the flixx will get the flixx token in the following ways which are:

  • Buying the flixx from the market directly, or
  • Get some flixx from your friend, or
  • watch a sponsored content, or
  • Develop your own content and upload it on flixxo and set some flixxo fee to let the people watch your contents.

The team behind the project.

A team of trusted, experienced, knowledged and skilled professionals running the project of FLIXXO.

For more information about Flixxo, please visit the following links,

WHITEPAPER: http://www.flixxo.com/assets/docs/flixxo-white-paper_v0.3.pdf

WEBSITE: http://flixxo.com

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