Les problématiques d’un grand groupe tel qu’Orange sont un terrain de jeu plus que stimulant pour attoma ! Grâce à notre expertise design, nous accompagnons Orange et ses équipes design xdlab depuis bientôt 6 ans. L’occasion de revenir sur nos succès communs, notamment sur l’expérience client professionnel et l’innovation.


Giuseppe Attoma Pepe, Senior Design Strategist Attoma

The man/machine relation represents a strategic, theoretical, and ethical challenge (photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash)

The IoT revolution requires new design paradigms. Each week, we will present attoma’s perspective on the need to think connected objects and systems according to their utility to facilitate user appropriation — in everyday life as well as in the industrial sector.



In our digital agency, expert in #design, #technology and #socialsciences, we invent ways of living and working together in the companies and city of tomorrow

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