How to Fix Client Service Mistakes

This article was prepared by Atton Institute — Training courses in Dubai, UAE

Things are bound to go wrong occasionally because no one and no system are perfect. However, how you go about the service recovery and fixing mistakes is what truly distinguishes you from the competition.

When there’s a service breakdown, rest assured the affected customer will get in touch with you to let you know.

If they put a call through to lay their complaint, expect to hear raving and ranting and they will surely say things that are discourteous and inappropriate.

If they’re physically present in your office, expect a confrontation and how you diffuse the situation and make the client smile again is totally up to you.

When there’s a mistake in service, the way you handle the recovery process and fix it determines whether the customer will be happy to return and do business with you again or not. There are numerous opportunities for service recovery.

Although it is impossible for organizations to avert all glitches, they must learn how to get better from these encounters. When handled correctly and fixed fast, a great recovery is capable of turning a customer that is angry and frustrated into a loyal one. In fact, it can generate more goodwill than if things had gone well initially.

Fixing Client Service Mistakes — who shall be in charge

The guaranteed way to fix the service breakdown is for frontline employees to ascertain the problem and proffer solutions immediately. For this to happen, employees must take certain decisions and probably bend some rules which are precisely what they have been trained not to do. Personnel has repeatedly been told they don’t have any business altering the routine. In as much as they would love to assist the client, they are unable to do so because the company policy does not allow it.

Saving the Customer and recovering the service mistake

Express regret and provide better alternatives. For instance, you may choose to do express delivery to the customer at the expense of the company.

Expedite Action. Complaints must be responded to within shortest time. That is when the magic occurs.

Accept responsibility. Many times, employees are quick to pass the buck and put the blame on other people. Clients can tell when they’re being tossed around and do not appreciate it.

Employees should be empowered to take decisions quickly to be able to fix the service mistakes. Every employee that deals directly with consumers must be able to act quickly when required. They don’t need to obtain approval from managers every time decisions need to be taken.

Offer compensation. Surprise your customers by giving away something that has value and doesn’t cost a fortune. They will be happy with you not just for making things right, but also for making them better.

For employees to be capable of providing excellent service recovery, they must feel that they are free to do so. Some corporations pre-approve frontline staffs to expend a fixed amount to fix the problems of customers.

Frontline personnel ought to be empowered to resolve and fix over 95% of client problems without needing to pass around the customer. Employees should be able to give refunds, accept returns, give out free coupons and carry out other actions needed to remedy a situation without having to check with anybody. They can provide buyers with various choices for solving their issues and complete their tasks. The belief is that it is easier to satisfy consumers when their first contact concerning a problem resolves it. It enables employees to concentrate on resolving issues and fixing them fast.

Keep in mind that customers will reciprocate your supportive actions. After resolving letdowns excellently and swiftly, validate the problem and offer an apology, and then meet their needs, most clients will return the favor by doing business with you again and remaining loyal. What this simply implies is that even major service breakdowns are opportunities to demonstrate how reliable your customer support is and deliver the best experience imaginable.

There is no business that can afford to lose its customers. Statistics shows that it costs five times more to attract a new client than to retain one. Organizations that go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are pleased and quickly fix service problems are bound to have much more. Like a wise saying that goes thus “Take care of your customers, or someone else will do it.”.

This article was prepared by Atton Institute — Training courses in Dubai, UAE
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