Secure Debian 10 Installation (Debian Buster)

Debian does not come with sudo preinstalled.

That’s so 10-year-ago.

1. Installing your Debian

  • Use any password for root. (We will disable root password later.)
  • When you are creating a new user, use secure password.
  • On Software Selection page, you must check SSH Server. This will install SSH Server for you.

2. Setup SSH

  1. Add your public key to the server
$ ssh-copy-id <yourusername>@<your-debian-ip>
// You will be prompt for the password
// Execute the following line from your workstation
$ ssh <yourusername>@<your-debian-ip>
// Now we are logged in// Give yourself a root access
$ su -
# nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
PermitRootLogin no
PubkeyAuthentication yes
PasswordAuthentication no
  • Disallow Root from logging in via SSH.
  • Explicitly allow SSH login with Public Key.
  • Disallow any SSH login with the Password.
# systemctl restart sshd
// exit from su
# exit
// log out of SSH
$ exit
// re-login
$ ssh <yourusername>@<your-debian-ip>

3. Setup sudo

  • Install sudo
  • Grant our user to use sudo
// Become root
$ su -
// Install sudo
# apt install sudo
// Put yourself in sudoers' group
# usermod -aG sudo <yourusername>
// exit from su
# exit
// log out of SSH
$ exit
// re-login
$ ssh <yourusername>@<your-debian-ip>
// Enter root shell
$ sudo -s
// exit root shell
# exit

4. Disable usage of su

$ sudo nano /etc/pam.d/su
// Find the line:
# auth required
// Uncomment it:
auth required
$ su -
su: Permission denied

5. Lock root account

$ sudo passwd -l root

6. Suggestions

  • You are the sole administrator who have privilege access.
  • Keep your private key secure and DO NOT lose it.
  • Do not forget your password. You don’t need it for SSH login but you need it for sudo.



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