Attorney Samir Hadeed Explains How to Stay Mentally Healthy During Lockdown

The current pandemic has caused a lot of fear, stress, and anxiety for many. All of these negative emotions can potentially impact us physically and can easily affect the immune system, making it more susceptible to harmful pathogens. Therefore, the importance of staying mentally and physically healthy during the pandemic cannot be understated.

Attorney Samir Hadeed of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a successful criminal and personal injury lawyer, has witnessed some of the most challenging legal situations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing consequences on people’s personal lives. As a college athlete, Samir also understands how important it is to stay mentally and physically healthy.

What Negative Mental Health Effects Can COVID-19 Have?

COVID-19 response terminology — lockdown, quarantine, social distancing, etc. — can create negative triggers that produce mental reactions like depression, anger, or loneliness. Every time someone watches the news, scrolls on social media, or drives by pandemic cautionary signs on the road, anxiety rises.

On top of the unavoidable negative feelings that response terminology and awareness initiatives put on others, many have lost their jobs and are behind on payments. The pressures of life during the current mass tragedy wear the mind and body down.

What are Some Good Solutions to Combat Those Negative Effects?

According to Attorney Samir Hadeed, it’s critical that one develop daily routines to keep the mind engaged and moving forward. An idle mind is susceptible to rumination on those things over which one has little or no control.

For example, exercise, healthy meal planning, reading, and other common routines ensure a semblance of self-initiated stability. These routines also establish some order in the midst of uncertainty.

For those job hunting during lockdown, building routines around free (or cheap) classes online, submitting a certain number of resumes per day, and engaging prospects over LinkedIn will not only further one’s job search efforts, but it will also help one feel more self-efficacy.

Daily relaxation techniques, such as breathing, journaling, or meditation, will also help calm the mind by sending more oxygen to the brain and allowing one to feel more present. These relaxation tools help the mind and emotions gain some perspective and learn to experience difficulty with less suffering.

Because of social distancing rules, it’s important to stay connected with friends and family. There are a host of social media, video calls, and chat apps that allow people to stay connected virtually.

What is the Connection Between Staying Active and Your Mental Health?

According to Attorney Samir Hadeed, maintaining regular physical activity can improve mental clarity more efficiently by boosting one’s physical energy. This energy allows people to accomplish more with less, feel a sense of accomplishment, and experience a healthy boost of endorphins. In the process, exercise also increases your physical strength.

By engaging in regular physical activity and boosting your endorphins and your self-confidence, you will also by proxy improve your mental health.

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