Attorney Samir Hadeed on the Importance of Building Professional Relationships for Career Success

You’ve probably heard the saying “It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know,” when it comes to building up your career.

Attorney Samir Hadeed, a personal injury, and criminal lawyer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attributes much of his professional success to the quality of his professional relationships. He shares a quick guide on why they are important and how one can nurture these relationships today.

What Do Healthy Professional Relationships Look Like?

Healthy professional relationships will vary depending upon the nature of the relationship. For example, one should relate differently to their peers than they do their boss. Peers are teammates and those that know how to collaborate with their peers usually have some of the deepest professional relationships.

The best boss-employee relationships are mentorships, although not every boss is interested in mentoring their subordinates. Regardless, relating to bosses well means demonstrating respect, dependability, and not being afraid to share honest feedback with tact.

For those that supervise others, they will develop much better relationships by showing decisiveness and open-mindedness. One can nurture strong professional relationships with their subordinates by assuming a mentorship role and allowing those they oversee opportunities to excel, says Samir Hadeed.

What are the Benefits of Nurturing Professional Relationships?

The goal in developing professional relationships is neither to make friends nor to use other people as leverage. Rather, the goal is to develop as an individual. It is very difficult to develop on one’s own.

Allowing others to enhance one’s perspective and motivate them to improve their skills breaks one free from tunnel vision and mediocrity. Those that feel that they don’t need help are cutting themselves off from people that can and would often like to help them.

That said, paying attention to the quality of one’s professional relationships will often lead to deep, long-term friendships, as well as special privileges, says Attorney Samir Hadeed. For example, mentors frequently look for ways to advance their mentees within an organization. Industry peer relationships can open up career opportunities for those looking for work.

How Do We Build Professional Relationships Virtually (During a Pandemic)?

The sad result of COVID-19 response measures is that in-person meetings are more difficult. Companies that could send their employees home to work have done so. Those looking for work or clients have to utilize the latest communication technology to build and maintain their professional relationships.

Still, the 21st Century offers a wealth of digital tools to help people connect professionally, notes Attorney Samir Hadeed. LinkedIn is easily the leading professional social media platform available and allows people to interact in industry conversations, direct messages, and even offer recommendations to potential employers.

There are also many different video conferencing tools, such as Google Meet, Zoom, and WhatsApp. Showing a willingness to engage over these communication tools will go a long way.

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