Twitter’s new policy

  • Twitter announced it would slap warning labels on posts by politicians it deems violate the rules.
  • The new policy, announced by the company on Thursday, will affect world leaders and other political figures who use the space as a tool for their person agendas and to abuse or defame others.
  • From now on, a tweet that Twitter deems to involve matters of public interest, but which violates the service’s rules, will be obscured by a warning explaining the violation
  • Twitter said the policy applies to all government officials, candidates and similar public figures with more than 100,000 followers.

Twitter has unfairly allowed the US president to tweet hateful messages…

Some activists complained this week after the president threatened Iran with “obliteration” in some areas if it attacks the US. Mr Trump has also tweeted a video of himself beating up a man with a CNN logo in place of his head and retweeted seemingly faked anti-Muslim videos.

Reported by Attornist Insider: Boris Johnson’s government has suspended parliament for five weeks in the run up to the Brexit deadline of October 31. The suspension is being challenged in courts across the UK. Cases have been brought in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with judges asked to decide whether or not the government’s advice to the Queen on prorogation was lawful.

The opening question is whether there are any legal standards applying to this situation in the first place. The challengers have insisted that there are — that the power of prorogation can only be used for certain lawful or “proper” purposes. They claim the government broke the law because rather than using prorogation simply to start a new parliamentary session — a proper purpose — it was really seeking to hinder parliamentary scrutiny ahead of Brexit — an improper purpose. …

Honour Killing in UK

By Attornist

As per the United Nations, savagery against ladies is “;Brutality that is aimed at a lady since she is a lady or that influences ladies excessively “;. Every year up to 3 million ladies over the UK experience viciousness, and there are a lot all the more living with the inheritances of maltreatment experienced before. In the UK, brutality against ladies incorporates abusive behaviour at home, assault and sexual savagery, inappropriate behaviour, female genital mutilation, constrained marriage, wrongdoings for the sake of respect, dealing and sexual misuse. Savagery against ladies is normally dedicated by men that ladies know, or are in a cozy association with, anyway in occurrences of respect related viciousness, families and networks are additionally culprits. In the 85th whole gathering of December 1993, on the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, the General Assembly avowed that brutality against ladies comprises an infringement of the rights and major opportunities of ladies and weakens or invalidates their happiness regarding those rights and opportunities. The Declaration perceived that savagery against ladies is an appearance of verifiably inconsistent power relations between people, which have prompted control over and oppression ladies by men and to the aversion of the full headway of ladies, and that savagery against ladies is one of the essential social systems by which ladies are constrained into a subordinate position contrasted and men. There was worry that a few gatherings of ladies, for example, ladies having a place with minority gatherings, indigenous ladies, evacuee ladies, vagrant ladies, ladies living in rustic or remote networks, down and out ladies, ladies in foundations or in detainment, female youngsters, ladies with handicaps, older ladies and ladies in circumstances of furnished clash, are particularly powerless against viciousness. This is especially valid in regard to “;respect “; related savagery in the entirety of its numerous varieties and structures. The UK meaning of “;respect “; related savagery is a type of residential maltreatment which is executed for the sake of supposed respect. The respect code which it alludes to is set at the caution of male relatives, and ladies who don’t maintain the principles are then rebuffed for expediting disgrace the family. Violence related savagery and misuse can take numerous structures, for example, undermining conduct, ambush, assault, grab, snatching, constrained premature birth, constrained marriage, dangers to murder and false detainment, submitted due to alleged respect Murders for the sake of supposed respect, (frequently called respect killings) are kills in which transcendently ladies are executed for genuine or saw unethical conduct which is considered to have expedited disgrace the family. In the UK, a few instances of “;respect “; related killings have been for insignificant reasons, for example, dressing or acting in a westernised way, beginning to look all starry eyed at someone not picked by their family, dismissing a constrained marriage, starting separation, or being lesbian, gay, swinger, transsexual, strange, intersex, or a biogenetic, (LGBTQIA). Respect related brutality has remained a concealed marvel in the UK, for a long time. It is just over the most recent two decades that ladies activists and NGO”s have effectively crusaded, campaigned, and brought issues to light to carry this to the fore, and for it to be perceived as a maltreatment. Their work has been encouraged and as listed by global developments, administrative acknowledgment and support, and crafted by local and worldwide non-legislative associations. …

Republic Act №11293, or the Philippine Innovation Act, was signed into law by the Philippine President on April 17, 2019. However, the Act was released to the public only on July 16, 2019.

The Philippine Innovation Act aims to promote a culture of strategic planning and innovation in the country through improving innovation governance and adopting long-term goals. The Act recognizes the richness of the country’s resources and culture and the ways these can be harnessed to further innovation and entrepreneurship. …

In the first week of August 2019, the Indian Parliament passed, and the President signed legislation to remove Articles 370 and 35A of the India Constitution. Article 370 preserves the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), a princely state that has been forcibly divided up between India and Pakistan. Article 35A empowers the J&K State to determine its permanent residents.

The constitutionality of the legislation revoking Articles 370 and 35A has been challenged in the India Supreme Court.

By revoking Articles 370 and 35A, India has seemingly abandoned the notion of J&K state as a special territory deserving autonomy. However, as discussed below, the revocation complicates matters more than it resolves. The revocation does little to lawfully change the autonomy of the State or alter the territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Unfortunately, the revocation will foment domestic unrest and possibly an armed conflict between nuclear rivals, India and Pakistan. …

South Africa’s Equality Court ruled Wednesday that the gratuitous display of the apartheid-era national flag constitutes hate speech.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) sought “an order declaring that any display of the Old Flag that does not serve any genuine journalistic, academic or artistic purpose in the public interest” constitutes hate speech, unfair discrimination, and harassment of black people under the Equality Act.

This case was brought following Black Monday, on October 30, 2017, where public demonstrations against farm murders and violence against farmers took place and the Old Flag was displayed. …

Mechanic’s Lien

A mechanic’s lien is an assurance of payment to developers, contractual workers and development firms that build or repair structures. Mechanic’s liens additionally reach out to providers of materials and subcontractors and spread structure fixes also. The lien guarantees that the labourers are paid before any other individual in case of liquidation. The word “lien” originates from French, meaning a ligament, liaison or a link.

Mechanic’s lien is frequently important to verify development help on a task. The lien remains in power until the task is done and all development staff have been paid.

From an investor’s perspective, it is noteworthy that a mechanic’s lien secures basic priority than any other debts and policies. This need decides the chain of importance of cases in case of dispossession or repossession. …

How to Register a Trademark

  • The simplest way to register is to follow the guideline by clicking on the following link.
  • Online trademark registration costs between $275 and $325 and requires information such as the categories of goods and services for which the mark will be used, date of the mark’s first use in commerce and whether there’s a design component to the mark you’re seeking
  • You should receive a response to your application within six months of filing, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site.

Steps To Register A Trademark


  • Searching

Having created your trademark, get assured that someone else doesn’t have the same mark by checking the Trademark Electronic Search System database.

According to the survey national institute on drug abuse, 43% of young students of grade 12th are addicted to marijuana. In the united states, about 37.6 million users of marijuana are suffering the serious health issues of body and brain.which leads to a dark desperate life.

  • Marijuana and similar types of drugs, like ice addiction, alcohol consumption are very popular forms of drugs these days. These narcotics are damaging the living style, career, and future of innocent people.
  • Like some of the other rising problems of the society youth drug addiction also need attention. This is also a topic to be discussed by the higher authorities of government.
  • The government can play a very effective role in this subject. There should rule for controlling the distribution of marijuana and ice drugs. If govt found someone in selling the marijuana then govt should charge a high penalty.
  • govt can also protect the citizens by developing govt regulatory authority for restraining marijuana. The authority should responsible to aware the people about usage, impact, and consequences of marijuana. …

The recent incidents in the Persian Gulf have not been very encouraging, all the events point their fingers towards an ongoing war threat. The events in themselves show how prevalant the war can be

  • Unsure cases of treachery to oil tankers off the shoreline of the United Arab Emirates.
  • An automaton assault on a pipeline in Saudi Arabia.
  • A US plane carrying warship strike gathering steaming toward a vague risk.

According to the Attornist legal Analysis:

The occasions annoying the Persian Gulf lately can possibly influence everything from the cost of a gallon of gas to the destiny of countries.

Similarly as what started the quick arrangement of market-moving occasions stays vague, so does the explanation behind the White House sending warships and B-52 aircraft to the district.


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