Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Work

The enthusiasm for the festive season has set in and it is just about 3 weeks for Halloween. Are you planning to give little jovial time to your employees? Well, traditions are important at workplace just like in a family. It will create spirit of goodwill and bond with the organization if there are some vibrant colors splashed into a routine office day.

In North America, Halloween has moved right up the holiday charts and it is the 2nd most popular holiday, next only to Christmas. Indeed its popularity is also spreading to some European countries.

Corporate event registration software can help you to inform and invite the employees for the celebration. As the observance is not linked to any particular religious faith, the employees from any background will not mind being a part of it. Just ensure that the activities are pure, harmless fun and do not offend anyone.

Here are some ideas that you organizational committee can use:

A costume parade — Traditional, tried and tested — this is an idea that usually works with all age groups. As kids you may have gone on the trick-o-treat nights in funny, mysterious and uncanny attire. So let your office people wear Halloween costumes. The employees can then also vote for their favorite costume. And the winner gets a little token of appreciation which can range from a box of candies to a set of Christmas lights or something more expensive, as per your budget.

Halloween breakfast— It will be pleasant surprise for the employees when they get welcomed for work with hot breakfast in the office cafeteria. Apple cider and doughnuts make for a nice breakfast treat on this occasion. Other sumptuous ideas are pumpkin and apple toasted bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin flavored brownies, or apple muffins. Let your people enjoy healthy tête-à-tête with this friendly meal.

Trick or Treating — (Sans the Tricks part): This one is not for children alone. It will be good to encourage your employees to bring little treats that they can share with their colleagues. They can go around the office space through all cubicles and cabins asking for trick or treats. As the organizer you can offer each one of them a creatively designed bag for the collection. And do be thoughtful. No one should end up being a Charlie Brown with “I got a rock” disappointment.

Halloween decor — Let the office be adorned with colors of Halloween and Autumn. This is another activity where your employees can participate and decorate their work areas with balloons, pumpkin crafts, ribbons, streamers and other artifacts. Announce prizes for the best decorated cubicle. The awards can be similar to the ones suggested for the costume parade. Teamwork for office decoration can be interesting and binds the workers together in a festive spirit.

Organize some charitable activities: Let the festival a Halloween be an occasion of joy for some others too. You can use your imagination to organize activities that involve visits to elder care homes, orphanages or animal care shelters and share some treats with the residents of these places. This will make the celebrations more meaningful and pleasant to remember.