Nobody Cares. For Real.

In life, everyone is so incredibly concerned with what other people think. Sure, reputation is everything, but as human beings we tend to be overly sensitive to what other people think. In fact, it does not matter at all. In actuality, no one really cares.

We live our lives in small circles of friends, family and acquaintances. There is constant gossip flying around these circles about what is going on both inside and outside the circle. This tends to make us feel and maybe hope that our circle is larger than it really is. We begin to believe we are more important that we really are. This should be a reassuring and confidence-boosting feeling, however it makes us naive to think that people are concerned about our actions regularly.

Look around you. People don’t even look and smile at each other anymore. Most people are entranced by their smart phones as they walk down the street or at the mall. Today, we do not have the attention span to focus on dinner conversations with friends let alone the misfortunes of others. Further, those people are too concerned with what other people think to think about what they think about you.

So when you are upset and broken up about something that happened to you because you worry what people think, remember, NOBODY CARES. And if they do care, if they do think you are an idiot, relax. They will forget about it tomorrow. Those people do not matter anyway. Only be concerned with what your true friends and family think. They will always see you for what you truly are. The others, who cares. Really.