Is that the Indian National Emblem in a foreign movie?

As a fan of both Citizen Kane and CinemaSins, I was exited to watch the video titled Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane when I discovered a sin was added for:

Guy defiling this statue with his crotch to capture these statues at a perfect vantage point

and this was the scene:

Screenshot from the CinemaSins video.

Thanks to the monochrome and the photographer who has spread his legs on the statue, it wasn’t clear what it was. But certainly looked familiar. I take a closer look and what do I find? The Indian National Emblem! The Lion Capital of Ashoka. Having learnt that in school and seeing that at every flag post in the nation, it is not something you cannot know as an Indian.

Had this movie released today, I can bet all my fortune (there is none) on the fact that it would be banned here in India. Unlike the recent pointless bans on small matters, this would be a serious and legit ban.

But since Citizen Kane was released in the year 1941 and the Lion Capital of Ashoka was adopted as the official Emblem of India in 1950; That’s 6 years before we even got Independence from the British and 9 years before it was a national symbol for Indians, I guess it didn’t signify much back then.

Here is the screenshot from the movie (time stamp: 1:52:10)

Ashoka Lion Capital (The National Emblem of India) in Citizen Kane. Screenshot from movie.

We knew Xanadu had art, sculptures and paintings from all around the world. But seriously! Xanadu had an Indian artifact?!? wow! Charles Foster Kane was a collector indeed!

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