21st Jan 2015

10 years ago when a brand had a moment of truth with a consumer through activation, it was just that — a single moment of truth. And that was the big challenge at the time, justifying the cost per contact as marketing spend worth doing. …

17th Nov 2014

I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years and like many in our industry, I am sick and tired of having to justify the value activation and events deliver! It’s true that many clients not only get it, but also get it enough to reap the benefits…

13th Ocr 1014

“I hear and I forget…I see and I remember…I experience and I understand.”

- Confucius

Sample this — Johaan, a regular 23-year-old, wakes up in the morning to the sound of the radio alarm on his smartphone. On his way to work, the mobile again updates him…

10th May 2013

It was the moment we dreaded for years, we knew we would miss him.

5th April 2011

I must admit i was a late-bloomer in the 2011 Cricket World Cup campaign. More out of ‘not wanting to tempt fate’ than lack of belief. And to add to that I was put off with the massive hype create by the media. It was almost as…

10th Oct 2010

Before going on this trip to Africa, I had DECIDED that i would do the bungee jump…. in the end, that was what pulled me through.

Signing on the dotted line for the indemnity against ‘damages’… not that i’d be around to claim anything !

walking down…

10th Oct 2010

The Africa trip was conceived (of all the places) in Arunachal, on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

So we decided the next river would have to be the mighty Zambezi. A bunch of us got together and convinced Vaibhav Kala to put together a river trip for…

27th April 2010

It was in 1983 that i started supporting Manchester United. Today, I went to watch them live at my REAL home, in Old Trafford. I’ve been to the stadium before but not to watch a game, this was different. I went all by myself, took the train…

8th April 2010:

“I wish…… I wish I could kayak instead of rafting”. And thats how it all started…. seemed like a very good idea at the time ! I had been rafting 4 times in about 14 months…. Zanskar in Ladakh, Ganga and Tons in Uttaranchal and the Mighty…

18th Dec 2009:

The Brahmaputra or Siang as it is called in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most remote rivers in India, and considered by many as the “biggest water” rivers for rafting in Asia. It had fascinated (and in my mind, challenged) me for the longest time.


atul s nath

Manchester United & France Football supporter 34+ years. Founder & MD of Candid Marketing @candidmktg :India's No. 1 Brand Activation Agency. And now a father.

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