Great points, superbly narrated. Reminded me of when, in my early 20's, I boarded the first flight of my life - on a one-way ticket to a foreign land for higher studies. My fear about defying gravity this way had increased slightly because the travel agent asked my parents and me to re-fill out the insurance paperwork just a day earlier.

On the larger point, agree that disruptive, ground-breaking ideas require communication artistry, and grit, and patience. Users/customers need coaching that will defang their fears; only then will they be comfortable embracing the startup's baby. …

Intensive Care

With its mutations and variants, this virus is not going away as quickly as we would like. Local, national, and international agencies highlight our response by sharing their observations about testing rates, positivity ratios, and hospitalizations. Critically sick patients will end up in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), and naturally, availability of beds is one of the frequently shared metrics. While bed capacity data provides a picture (which some doctors have challenged), the really treasured (and overly stretched) resource is the clinical staff — doctors and nurses — who work inside the ICU’s.

Intensivists, typically physicians and nurse practitioners…

A young adult man sits on a living room sofa. An adult woman and a young girl sit next to him. Man is using a VR headset.

Blame it on our ancestors that we have a preference for warm nourishment. And, especially on cold days and nights, there is an appliance that helps families around the world make a nice meal out of, say, Thanksgiving leftovers. Microwave ovens are asked to do their work for a short time, compared to televisions, laptops, and smartphones; still, they deliver, efficiently and swiftly, like only they can, and then sit quietly waiting for their next bidding. My introduction to them was set up decades ago at a startup where I worked; Rose G, manager of Document Control, would rave daily…

As awareness about Virtual Reality (VR) spreads among consumers worldwide, there is a growing interest in engaging with this magical tech. Especially in households without gamers, the new response of “yes, it was amazing” is replacing the classical “Not interested -I am not into games”. Now, as the next step, when we equip these people to become VR content producers, it will unleash a new wave of fantastic new approaches, coming from these creative folks all over the world.

A TV Commercial for a rental (1984)

When video camcorders became available -and affordable — in 1980’s, it sparked much new creativity; there is no reason why VR…

Atul Salgaonkar

Founder, CEO of Hapi VR, Inc. and building SICUS [Smart ICU Servant] — A Med-Tech solution suite for hospital ICUs. In Silicon Valley for a few decades.

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