ROS — Beagle Bone Blue

Atul Singh
Nov 17, 2018 · 3 min read

If you are a person interested in robotic then BeagleBone Blue is the perfect toy you can play with. It has lots of onboard specification like 9-axis IMU , DC Motor Connectors WiFi etc. You can study about BB-Blue over here. In this Blog I will give you a step by step guide to run ROS on BB-Blue.

Step1: Download the Image:

The 4GB flash disk built into BBB is too small to support a full ROS source installation, so you will need to run BBB from a 32-GB Memory Card. The compressed image is of 2.5GB . It contains Ubuntu 16+ along with ROS kinetic. Download the image file by clicking on the link here. You do not need to decompress the downloaded image file.

Step2: Download Etcher:

Download and install Etcher on your computer from

Select the version of your OS and Download

Once downloaded install it .Etcher is a program for burning disk images onto SD cards.

Step 3: Burn the Image

Insert the memory card into your system and format it into NTFS format. Burn the 32GB disk image onto the provided micro-SD card. To do that run Etcher select the compress image file which you have downloaded . Memory card will be auto detected and then click flash. Wait for the flash to get finished.


Step 4:Install Micro SD Card

Install the Micro-SD card in the Micro-SD card slot of the BBB.

Step 5: Boot Your Board

Connect your BB to the system using a usb cable. This will boot the board. If the Micro-SD card contains a bootable image, then the BBBW will boot from it instead of from its on-board Flash disk.

Step 6: Connect to the Board

ssh into the board “ssh ubuntu@”.

Username: ubuntu


Once connected you will get a welcome message on your screen:

Step 7: Check ROS

Now its time to check whether ros is installed on it or not? Simplest way to do so is to run “roscore”

If you get the above message then you have successfully started ROS on your Beagle Bone Blue. and if you get any error then write it down in the comment section.

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