New changes to be introduced in CRS in June

IRCC has set up new records for CRS. It is now as low as 431. This has given a new hope to candidates looking for Canada immigration. In the latest draw which happened on April 5, the candidates who had this much score or more were sent an ITA. So, a large number of candidates were selected in this draw almost 3,753 in number. The last draw conducted on 24th march, had a qualifying score of 441 points. The advocate David Cohen has commented on the lower scores in CRS “if draw sizes remain relatively large . . . we may see lower CRS thresholds deeper into 2017.”

There are going to be changes made in CRS in June. These are going to be very positive changes and will make a great impact on the CRS. As per these changes, aspiring immigrants who have a sibling living in the continent of Canada or know how to speak French proficiently will get extra points in the Express Entry scheme.

Talking in detail about these changes, the French proficient immigrants will get 15 points if they are able to get a score of CLB 7 in French along with a score of CLB 4 in English. However 30 points can be awarded to those aspiring immigrants who have CLB7 or more in French and CLB 5 or even higher scores in English. To prove a CLB 7 benchmark in French candidates will have to appear for the TEF(Test d’Évaluation de Français). These changes are going to be introduced on June 6 this year. The aspiring immigrants who have siblings living in Canada with a PR can get 15 points under the Express Entry. The same points are applicable for an immigrant if his spouse has a sibling who is a PR holder in this region. However, the aspiring immigrant should have either a common mother/father with this sibling. These changes will also be introduced on June 6th this year. The scores for TEF for a CLB 7 are 207–232(Reading), 310–348(Writing), 249–279(listening) and 310–348(speaking). Visa House can help you get Canada immigration. It has great understanding of the process.