Online News Diary:

Based on the data taken after this assignment, dominant headlines and general interests are what gage me to read certain articles. We all know Hurricane Harvey is dominating the headlines so naturally I read a couple of articles on total damage from the hurricane and how Houston will now fare in the future. Reading these articles about Harvey then lead me to find out that another Hurricane, Hurricane Irma is approaching. Irma is currently a category five and a major threat to the southeast states and Caribbean islands. Reading about Harvey without a doubt lead to reading the article about Irma, being that I had no knowledge about Irma prior to reading about it. Other than reading about the two Hurricanes my online reading was pretty much what it always is, sports. Almost all of my online reading is sports articles and this assignment furthers that point even more, while staying in my comfort zone of how I normally read I read twenty articles this weekend and sixteen were sports related. ESPN and Bleacher Reports are essentially wormholes for me once I see one article I immediately see anything one that catches my interest. While most of the articles were indeed sports articles I also read a review for the upcoming horror film IT. As an avid watcher of scary movies, I’ve been awaiting the release of this movie for months now. This is not a sports article but being that it is something I have great interest in I almost consider them the same because of how interesting I find both subjects. As far as consuming online sports news it really doesn’t go much further than just reading the top headlines on ESPN, Bleacher Report, and then just rolling from there and reading related articles, as well as receiving many alerts from the ESPN and Bleacher Report app. As far as the hurricane news goes, well that’s very simple. Hurricane Harvey has been absolutely dominating headlines the past week and a half to the point where simply writing the letter H in the news browser automatically suggests the super storm. Online news is not much more convenient than reading a newspaper but the fact that you have instant access via laptop or phone but in a sense online news can be more distracting as well. With popups coming up, wormhole suggested articles and other types of notifications there are three different factors that in a sense can actually hinder your reading ability. With that being said however I still prefer online media because of the seemingly infinite access to any form of news at any time of the day. While phones are easily more convenient than laptops in the sense you can bring them anywhere, I prefer reading most media via laptop. There are far less distractions, a larger screen provides for more enjoyable reading and you can have as many different tabs open as you want, as well as many websites inability to run properly on phones.

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