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I am in agreement with the author’s take on “A Woman’s Place” and how it explores the unintended impact that Serena Joy’s actions had on her own experience. I was particularly taken by the inspired way that the show took a small scene in the book with the simple inquiry “Are you happy?” (originally wondered by a Japanese tourist through a translator, if my memory serves) and turned it into an intriguing twist. However, I couldn’t disagree more with the overly simplistic summary of “The Other Side” as “at best filler — and at worst the needless accommodation of a man’s experience of women’s oppression.” What happened to Luke is not part of “women’s oppression” — HE was stripped from his wife, daughter, home, and job. HE was shot and nearly killed. (And then he was saved by women — How badass was Zoe?!) I believe it was MLK Jr who said “No one is free when others are oppressed” — and this episode, and the series in general, illustrates that sentiment and is a warning call to everyone to stand up while you still can. Nothing about men in this novel or series is “needless.”

— Denise Du Vernay
Treasurer, Margaret Atwood Society

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