You think nobody likes you?

Poor thing! Maybe it’s true, but did you try liking them first?

Let’s never forget the Carnegie rule: ‘to be liked, make the other person feel important’. Sort of a golden rule of public relations, and you don’t have to feign it. When you look and listen with an open mind, you will find something you like in just about everyone. Find it, talk about it and give an honest compliment together with eye contact and your beautiful smile.

You could say ‘But I do smile, and ask people how are they, and they still have no interest in me’.

Don’t forget about being sincere. We all feel when people are not being honest with us. It is extremely uncomfortable and pointless to tell about ourselves, when it’s obvious that we’re having a perfunctory conversation.

Find something that you truly care about in every person, be honest and sincere, and it would work for you at its best.

What if I can’t find anything that touvches me in a person?

Then, maybe that’s not your person at all? Do we really need to be friends with everybody? That spark that ignites the interest between people, it can not happen, and it’s ok.

The best practice in life that makes us happy is surrounding ourselves with people we are on the same wave with. The person is in some other ocean? Proceed past it and enjoy people you have.