AR for Education

Advances in human factors regrading online web applications has gotten a lot of attention in the past 20 years (UX) because of the in demand access to information and products online yet…

The regression of how we are enabling ourselves back to the primitive form baffles my understanding of what it means to humanely experience and learn information online.

Educational Technology of the past

Using technology in the past has given humanity an unbounded connection to the world letting us cultivate and learn our environment to meet the needs of a humane or destructive society. The tools we use to accomplish a numerous amount tasks today are often complex computational machines that were designed using basic symbols of logistical understanding. Unfortunately these devices lack robust interaction that tools of the past had given to the body. We now have locked most of our experience behind a small two dimensional screen and even smaller representations of the world. No longer do we have empathy for such natural artifacts of what we experience but small icons that represent the past, present and future. Just like these vary words are symbols that only make sense because of the meaning and context they carry. Yet the relationship they have on the reader is ambiguous because of subjective understanding we all have. Bringing back empathy not only to the user but to technology is fundamentally important if we want to live in the digital age.

Designing for a new Medium

I think augmented reality technology will offer a transparency of digital information that will seamlessly integrate with the world around us. No longer will information be hindered by two dimensions but can be experienced that is more natural to our environment that we were set up to learn in. It will also offer a great medium for designing and displaying digital content that is humanly dynamic for a personalized curricula.

EDP& Design System

I hope to bring progress and change positively to the world from a fresh prescriptive of UX and augmented reality system design for education.

For more info on this project please visit EDP&

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