Thirty Key Things I’ve learned (mostly the hard way) about the Creative Innovation Services Consulting Business

I’ve worked in the Design or Innovation Consulting Services space since 2007 when I joined frog. Since then I’ve also started my own product design business, nineten, and held senior leadership roles at Ziba Design, Cogniance/Star, and now at Fresh Consulting. I love this space more every day, mostly because of what I’ve learned, continue to learn, and the people I get to work with. I’ll never stop trying to get better at it.

Enjoy the updated 2023 list below. Thanks for reading and sharing these principles that are so near and dear to me:

  1. Having a solid understanding of your client, their business, and their opportunities are critical. Don’t go into an executive meeting not knowing where they need help or what relevant value you can bring.



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Dean Kakridas

I help visionary leaders create better futures for people. Managing Director, Texas @Fresh Consulting.