Technically, yes. But is it effective?

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Have you ever tried to read a book upside down?

When the human brain reads, the brain is sensitive towards orientation. Reading speed and comprehension can be dramatically affected when words are upside down or sideways. When words are tilted by a heavy angle, it takes the brain almost twice as long to recognise the whether the words written are real words or nonsensical words. When the words are only slightly tilted, there was almost no change in reaction time as upright words.

Therefore, we are non merely rotating words when we read them…

“The biggest danger, that of losing oneself, can pass off in the world as quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss, an arm, a leg, five dollars, a loved one — is bound to be noticed.”

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Kierkegaard was interested in freedom, anxiety and despair; he was interested in the core of what it means to be a human being. Human beings are a synthesis of opposites and contradictions; a constant tension between the infinite and finite.

For example: there is tension between our potential and our reality — and both can exist. We have infinite potential; namely, who…

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Would-be love or could-be love is like planting rocks and expecting wild flowers to bloom. An unsure love, a maybe love, a possible love is the equivalent of doom. You are in or you’re out, without a shadow of doubt, because when the moon eclipses the sun two wholes become one and the earth holds its breath and stops and stares — and savours the sight of the light hugging the dark and the shadows making the light brighter than it ever could be alone. …

What is the first present that came to your mind?

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The celebration of a milestone, and the activities and presents we would like to receive to celebrate the creation of us — represents deeper, more fundamental questions about who we are and what we want.

Everyone is a natural philosopher, whether we ponder the questions of life seriously and consciously — or subconsciously.

Children make great philosophers because they are naturally curious.

It is actually difficult to know what you want.

As children, it seems to come to us more instinctually. Perhaps it is because we have a lower filter…

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I know a place where the grass is so green it verges on blue, with lilacs that burst through the leaves like footprints on snow. Down underneath the loveliest brook, is a girl lying down with an open book flipping pages in the wind beside her as she sleeps. Lilacs cushion her head like a pillow, the brook babbles a lullaby and the sunlight gently blankets her. She snuggles in deeper into the soft bed of fresh grass, and the trees move their arms to give her gentle speckled shade.

A bird chirps.

She wakes, then the brook babbles louder…

Do it now.

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Great things are not birthed from comfort zones. The reason we push back our to-do lists are usually due to comfort, complacency, and fear.

Fear is a more obvious reason not to do an action we know will serve us.

Comfort and complacency are fear’s more innocuous cousins.

The greatest trap is a trap of comfort and familiarity. The human brain is hardwired to avoid change. The brain likes patterns and consistency. Time slips away from us all, and often we are left wondering if we truly made use of our time.

If you do not make…

[She smiles widely]

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I am the sort of person that will guinea pig themselves whenever they read a cool fact in a book. I adore personal development and psychological studies about the human brain; and the fact that we can take small actions in our every day lives to greatly benefit us and the people surrounding us — it really excites me.

About ninety percent of the personal development books I have read have all emphasised the importance of a positive mindset. …

I offer you my words as a gift, a humble homemade gift. Wear it like a warm scarf to protect you from a winter’s breeze, or like a fire to melt away the chills of an ice cold day.

I offer you my arms as a gift, a humble cozy gift. To soothe the pain of any hurt you have ever come across, to hold you so tight the broken pieces of your heart meld back together, and support you though the thick and thin of life.

I offer you my books, a humble library of books that made me…

Aubrey Chayson

I believe in the power of beautiful words and ethical clothes.

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