During a rare visit to the United States, The Dalai Lama Gave These 9 Suggestions on Peace and Violence

At the United States Institute of Peace, His Holiness the Dalai Lama paid tribute to the victims of violent extremism. The unconventionally secular and self-proclaimed feminist monk urged his audience to take a tangible action in response to the violence. (All photos belong to the United States Institute of Peace.)

“Violence is a sign of weakness. Forgiveness is a sign of strength.”

“I think circumstances compel us, now we have to act as one humanity. But practically and also morally we have to think that way.”

“We created violence and problems, not God or Buddha. And then we asked God to bring peace. It’s nonsensical. Peace must be brought by ourselves.”

“The Islam practitioner should not create any bloodshed. If the person is creating bloodshed, the reality, no longer a practitioner of Islam.”

During last year’s exchange with youth leaders at his compound in Dharamasala, India, the Dalai Lama explained:

“Moral ethics based on religion can be problematic. [They] should be based on common sense, common experience, and secular ethics.”

“We have to live on this small planet… with a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. There is no other choice.”

“There can be no more ‘my nation,’ ‘your nation,’ ‘my religion’ or ‘your religion.’ I’m fully dedicated to creating a sense of oneness among seven billion humans.”

“So therefore… we must build [peace]by ourselves. Peace must start from here, external peace must [come] through inner peace.”

“This nation is the leading nation of the free world so you can really make some significant contribution for a better world. But first, you yourself, your own place, you must create positive thing.”

Photo Credit: U.S. Institute of Peace

Originally published at ijr.com on June 23, 2016.