tetris border print by: chronicallyuncool


pressing start on a game of falling blocks

Is it the last day of the week or the first? I really can’t decide.

Melting into the couch, battling a hangover, rehashing the weekend, scrambling to remember what’s due Monday… That’s all on the agenda for this day that marks the ultimate point of beginning and end.

Sunday marks the start of another game of block stacking. Monday thru Thursday go on like a round of Tetris; everything slowly builds, adding up and, occasionally, working out.

The stresses, joys and oddities of the week flip and flop, eventually settling into place. Some weekday happenings jut out of your life awkwardly, rattling the cohesiveness of routine. Other events wriggle into the puzzle nicely, perhaps even contributing to the overall order of the week.

Regardless, the colorful blocks rain on. By Thursday and Friday everything is piled up to the tip top…

Perhaps you’ve been graced with the rare productive weekend, during which the game rolls on; the blocks are intricately arranged throughout the Friday-Sunday irresponsibleness, the gamer either abstains from or moderates their weekend vices.

Otherwise, before you know it, the weekend has gave up on Tetris for you.

The game refreshes. A new set of colorful blocks begin floating like leaves at the beginning of the week then, quicker and quicker, the blocks start coming down like fat raindrops and, eventually, like real bricks: falling fast, landing heavily, challenging you.

Half overwhelmed and half thrilled with the steady increase in happenings, failures, accomplishments, emotions.

The week goes on, whether you organize your blocks or let them pile up like skyscrapers; fast and furious.

A monotonous game of flipping and linking big blocks, little blocks: a reoccurring schedule of trying to work with all the different emotions and events that descend onto your plate.

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