my digital bulletin board, with lots of sweet nothings:

sweet nothings

“Inconsequential expressions of affection.”

That’s how The Free Dictionary online describes ‘sweet nothings’.

I want to make a list of some personal “sweet nothings” life whispers to me. These are the things some high power leaves on its check after the day is done- my gratuity for being alive.

Life’s shaken some pleasantries on top of my day already.

The chocolate chip cookie I ate at lunch,
the bright-eyed look I got from a little boy in a striped bucket hat,
the warm rays from the sun toasting my back,
my editing teacher’s compliment on my final project,
the delicate brown lines of henna that were just drawn on my shoulder, soon to be even more delicate, caramel-colored stains,
the yellow, crooked, pineapple popsicle I just ate…

All sweet nothings that remind me of the beauty in simplicity & the satisfaction and gratitude that come from even the slightest bit of appreciation.

On a larger scale, I’ve found a lot of routine sweet nothings.

Here’s an incomplete list of some reoccurring reminders that life isn’t so bad:

-a vanilla milkshake from Potbellys
-when my cat picks ME to nap with over my other 2 roommates
-the half of my plants on my porch that are still alive
-lemonade that’s more bitter than sweet
-mornings I wake up on my own before 9a.m.
-the oranges that freckle the fruit trees on campus
-days I come home and someone’s cleaned our Mount Everest of dishes
-the tiny hurricane at the end of a bath
-pretending it’s going sweep me away
-honey suckle flowers and their smell that reminds me of my old backyard
-trips to The Hi-Hat for coffee, where they know my name and order
-the four original artworks hanging on my mirror closet my little sister made
-those little blue flowers called forget-me-nots, although I’ve never seen them in person
-flipping through my old photographs (thankful I’ve outgrown the imbecile that was acne)
-the tattoo I gave myself on my ankle; tiny black dots that make a heart

The list goes on. They’re my sweet little inconsequential nothings that flutter by just to remind me how easy happiness is to attain.

Next time you’re stuck with taking out the trash and that gross juice drips all over your foot, look up. Be attentive. Be appreciative. Find something sweet and irrelevant and let it refresh any lackluster monotony that’s plaguing your week.

Search for sweet nothings.

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