Now Hiring Friends: Whites Need not Apply
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

You know that by being HONEST with your PERSONAL feelings on race, many white people will take your feelings as a personal attack on their whiteness, and totally miss what you are trying to express. Institutional Racism is so prevalent in the US that white people cannot and choose NOT TO hold anything said by Black people as valid. I totally understand your statement “….But I am not willing to open the door to any new white applicants….” White folk tend to forget that there are different types of friendships when race is involved. Your 25 year friendship with the white woman is on the highest level of friendship (friendship of reciprocity — loyalty, mutual affection and generosity). The level below this this (friendship of receptivity — imbalanced…primary giver/taker…one friend puts more energy in keeping the friendship going), and the bottom level of friendship (Friendship of association — co-workers/ classmates). It is too much work and too much of a minefield for Black people these days to try to make friends with whites past the friendship of association level. Unless the white person makes the effort to take the friendship further, Black people have no incentive to ‘figure out’ the ways and thoughts of white people these days, because we have been disappointed too many times. At least you are fortunate enough to have made a white friend who is the exception to rule.

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