How to Get Around Brisbane

Brisbane | Img. Credit: [jonmossuk via Pixabay]

As one of the most popular cities Down Under, visitors flock to the bustling metropolis that is Brisbane all year long. Whether you’re in the city for business or leisure, knowing how to get around Brisbane is crucial to enjoying a seamless vacation in the area. From using public transport links to rental cars and other reliable modes of transportation, here are some tips on exploring the holiday capital the next time you are in Brisbane.

Stay in a Strategic Base Hotel

As in most holiday destinations, getting around Brisbane will be that much easier for those who secure strategically located accommodation in the city. Conveniently located rests belong to two categories in an area as vast as Brisbane and those located in the heart of the city whether it’s at iStay River City or any other similar establishments in the city centre will enjoy easy access to Brisbane’s main highlights. Other hotels based close to public transport links such as train stations and bus stops, on the other hand, fall into the second category when it comes to strategic bases. As a rule of thumb always attempt to secure accommodation at Brisbane hotels CBD and other hotspot consider their best-situated rests, or select hotels within close range of local transport links.

Walk the Talk

Travellers who love to walk or enjoy the exercise of travelling by foot whenever possible will find that Brisbane is the perfect city for the activity. Especially ideal when exploring the many highlights and attractions in the central business district, there’s hardly a more efficient transportation option than walking to the destination of one’s choice. Maps of the city are widely available in book shops around Brisbane including the Queensland Books Depot or online and visitors who wish to experience the best of the CBD need not depend any other mode of transportation other than their feet to enjoy a tour of the area. Although the CBD can be explored on foot those heading to the Brisbane suburbs will find that points of interest are more spread out and difficult to reach on foot.

Public Transport Option

There are three major modes of public transportation available to visitors vacationing in Brisbane. They are the train service, bus network and ferries operating around the city which are all connected by a single ticketing mechanism called TransLink. This makes travel on public transportation highly convenient for commuters as they need not purchase different tickets when using different modes of transport to locations around the city. Ensure the tickets you buy are valid for all zones in the city as purchasing a ticket which is valid for one-way trips can only be used within that particular zone. The newly introduced Go Card is also a must-purchase smartcard for those who wish to use public buses and ferries in Brisbane. Not only can commuters top up the card when they wish to travel for longer but the smartcard is also widely available in all train stations.

Cycle Around

Cycling enthusiast can also bike around most of the city thanks to the CityCycle initiative which provides bicycles at nominal fees at various stations in Brisbane. Visitors can rent the bicycle for a day or as long as a week provided that cyclists return the bikes to the stations at the end of the period. You will need to have a helmet on hand as one may or may not be provided along with the bicycle.

Cab It

Often regarded as one of the most convenient ways to travel around the city, there is a number of reliable and efficient cab companies available in Brisbane. This includes Black & White Cabs and the traditional Yellow Cabs, both of which can be booked in advance or hailed from a street corner. Payment can be made in cash or via credit or debit card. Taxis are also ideal for exploring the Brisbane suburbs as the drives can be long and picturesque. Cabs are also widely available in the suburbs and not just the CBD so travellers need not worry when venturing beyond the city centre.

Rental Vehicles

Although several car rental outfits are operational in Brisbane, driving in the CBD can prove to be a challenge for travellers who are unfamiliar with the one-way roads that dominate the city. Parking around the city, however, is a less arduous affair, thanks to the parking stations scattered throughout the city.