How to Plan a Surfing Trip to Fiji

Surfing at Fiji | Im. Src:[InterContinental Fiji via Instagram]

If you are finally setting off on that exciting surfing holiday to fabulous Fiji make sure you get it all right. Check out the following list highlighting the best surf sites this tropical destination, spread across the South Pacific Ocean has to offer.

  1. Plan Early

Remember that there are excellent deals that come along when it’s time for summer holidays or even a tropical escape at winter. Fiji can be a tad too expensive if you wait until the last minute to book. Most Fiji luxury resorts offer excellent early bird deals that are super savers and ideal for stretching your budget. So plan early and avoid last minute expenses and disappointments. Natadola Bay on the main island Viti Levu, home to InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is an ideal base that offers easy connections to the most popular surfing points. Now let’s check out the best surfing spots.

2. Mamanuca Group

This group of islands is the brand ambassador for the phrase ‘tropical paradise’. They truly are stunning with azure blue seas, sun-bleached beaches and shallow reefs to explore. The breaks, of course, are excellent and simply icing on the cake. Ideal for a day’s visit the place has excellent facilities to chill out when not hitting the waves and offers plenty of island charms for you to savour. Do research each island and discover the perfect break to tackle.

3. Cloudbreak

Just 3 miles to the south of Namotu Island this is a top rated left reef pass that is popular as one of the world’s most challenging reefs. As it breaks Cloudbreak picks up more speed, gets shallower and is quite a serious wave. Look forward to fast barrels that consist of left breaks over rather shallow reefs

4. Namotu Lefts

This too is a world class break but not as intense as Cloudbreak. The spot consists of hollow barrels and long waves that are constant. It is a left hander that breaks on the reef, as such the danger of rips and cuts on rocks is quite high. This is an all year break that delivers two to six feet high waves. Ideal for trying out your techniques on very long prolonged swells this is probably one of the more favoured surf spots in the area.

5. Desperations

This is a right and left peak that is located north-west to the Malolo Barrier Reef closest to Wilkes Pass which is about 10 minutes away by boat. Desperation offers beautifully formed waves with lots of hollows and is loved for its consistent swells, as such the place is quite favoured as being able to deliver swells even if the rest of the area is flat. A typical swell will start off at about three feet and amazingly holds its form as it rises to over six feet. Mind you are aware of rips and tears plus Desperation is recommended for the professional surfer; as are many spots in Fiji.

6. Restaurants on Tavaru Island

Not the kind you eat at this is a long hollow and perfectly formed swell for you to surf on. It is open to all types of surfers and is popularly called a ‘skate park on the ocean’. The name if you are curious is most likely attributed to the restaurant on Tavaru Island that sits in front of the spot. This is a left break that does an 180 degree turn around the island and offers three to eight foot high waves. Mind you only attempt this at mid or high tide due to the presence of a very unforgiving reef.